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Sparkling Stars School is all about nurturing little minds and laying a strong foundation of excellence for them to shine bright. With a rich blend of academic, physical, social, artistic, and cultural learning opportunities, Sparkling Stars School provides children a nurturing environment to blossom and grow, while discovering themselves.

Excellence that begins early

Sparkling Stars School’s pre-primary and primary programs have been designed to lay a strong foundation for the future academic, social, and emotional development of the child.

The school aims to give children a safe and happy environment, where they can grow in confidence and independence in preparation not only for school but for life. Designed for a superior quality learning experience, the school presents innovative and holistic education in line with latest global parameters of primary education.

Nursery – Grade III



Vibrant Classrooms

All the classrooms have been designed to:
  • Enhance learning with a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Provide freedom of space and movement.
  • Colourful ambience with ample ventilation.
  • Learning through unique activity materials.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Sparkling Stars provides flexibility in learning. Here’s a glance at how it is done:
  • Custom-designed furniture
  • Themed interiors
  • Innovative teaching aids
  • Latest AV systems
  • Common learning activities across all grades

Reading Corner

Every Classroom at Sparkling Stars School has its own reading corner. The children are encouraged to read stories and books that suit their age, give opinions about the stories and read more. These will help them in
  • Dedicated reading spaces in every classroom
  • Wide array of books to suit every age
  • Helps children in improving their comprehension
    levels, form opinions, improve their verbal expressions
    and increase their potential of imagination

Etiquette Corner

Children are high-spirited and spontaneous. They should be groomed with values and manners so they become better citizens who can contribute to the society around them. At Sparkling Stars School’s Etiquette Corner, we help develop
  • Groomed with values and manners to become
    global citizens
  • Ideologies that enable meaningful contributions
    to the society
  • Covers the entire gamut of basic manners, food etiquette and conversational decorum

Performing Arts Studio

Our uniquely performance studio offers a great platform for the children:
  • To showcase their talents
  • To enhance skills in performing arts like dance, music, and drama
  • To develop their hobbies, aesthetic and creative skills
  • To enhance their brain development

Multi-purpose Activity Centre

One one-of-its-kind multipurpose activity centre is powered by 3D Edumagic, a high impact learning tool. Children also engage in various learning activities such as:
  • Public speaking exercises
  • Puppetry
  • Fun games

Innovative Play Areas

Our innovative play areas for children are designed in a way that facilitate:
  • Leisure and fun
  • Life lessons
  • Mental development
  • Physical fitness
  • Overall betterment

Futuristic Clubs

We ensure a potent integration of learning and leisure activities, we promote independent clubs within the school for students to practice and excel in activities that they like. Some of the clubs include:
  • Public Speaking
  • Cookery
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports

Fitness Studio

Our exclusive fitness studio with finest equipment helps children engage in various fitness activities. The school has collaborated with Sports Gurukul to provide a structured and integrated program which lays the foundation for life-long fitness among kids. This program has been designed to improve:
  • Fitness
  • Gross motor skills
  • Sports skills
  • Discipline
  • Cognitive skills
  • Social skills
  • Team spirit

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