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Every child is like a limited edition masterpiece embodied with unique skills and mesmerizing talents. Each of them has a distinct approach to learning, and the one-size-fits-all approach is splurging precious energy into irrelevant things. The teachers and parents have to irradiate the innate skills in the child to glitter in the eyes like sparkling diamonds. Sparkling Stars School is amongst the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad to catapult your child’s future to sky high! We are sure to make your child prove his mettle and reach the apogee in life.

Are you constantly typing these phrases in your Google search bar?
Best CBSE school in Pragathi Nagar
Best CBSE school in Nizampet
CBSE schools in Hyderabad
Best CBSE school in Bachupally

What is happening? You are always bombarded with humongous content that makes you feel overwhelmed. Time to say goodbye to your mind-bending search! You have found the right pick for your child – Sparkling Stars School.

Bird’s eye view about the school

Sparkling Stars School was born out of the passion to help the new generation excel and reach great heights in every sphere of life. It is the best CBSE school in Nizampet.

The person behind this initiative is Mrs.Sridevi Aketi, a renowned academician with an illustrious career spanning over 28 years in the educational field while leading and managing schools in India and abroad. We believe that the holistic approach to learning is the best strategy to make your little bundle of joy shine bright in the sky.

What is unique about us?

  • Mindful curriculum

The curriculum is crafted innovatively with the help of experts, ensuring that your child stays on par with the current pace of the ever-changing world.

  • Behavioral learning

We emphasize the importance of behavioral learning, keeping in mind to make it easier for the recipient – your child to grasp things quickly.

  • Parent-teacher partnership learning

A parent-teacher partnership learning accelerates efficient time management and improves academic performance.

  • Nurturing diversity

We encourage children to recognize and appreciate people for the things that make them unique and special.

  • Cognitive learning

Cognitive learning is the development of knowledge, skills, problem-solving, and dispositions, which help children think about and understand the world around them.

  • Multicultural exposure

Children introduced to diversity at a young age acquire social skills and are more receptive.

  •  Fun activities and celebration

Learning can be made exciting with fun-filled activities. Celebrating little victories in the process of learning is a source of encouragement.

  •  High-end learning strategies

We incorporate the best learning strategies that develop the skills immensely. Our programs aim to improve
Logical and analytical skills
Language and communication skills
Physical development
Aesthetic skills
Life and social skills
Critical thinking skills

Comprehensive child development is our ultimate goal. If any of these goes missing from learning and grooming, the upbringing and development remain incomplete.


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Where can you find us on the map?

Sparkling Stars School is in the City of Pearls – Hyderabad. It was started with a motive to unleash the potential of every child who becomes a part of Sparkling Stars. We have a cycle of collaboration called the “Happiness Triangle”, between the parents, students, and teachers, which makes the knowledge acquisition process a fulfilling one.

Sparkling Stars has two branches in Hyderabad.

  1. Sparkling Stars Schools, Nizampet
    CBSE Curriculum
    Nursery to Grade III
  2. Sparkling Stars Cygnus, Bachupally
    CBSE Curriculum
    LKG to Grade VII ( Phase wise expansion to Grade X)

Awe Inspiring Facilities

  • Creative and child-friendly infrastructure

Every part of the infrastructure is structured to spike creative thoughts in the young minds and create a welcoming environment for the students.

  • Strategic partnerships

We desire to enhance the learning experience of our learners and have associated with partners such as XSEED, Helen O’Grady, Scholastic, and The Sports Gurukul.

  • 3D theater
    Let your child travel to new worlds of the past and present in this immersive 3D theater
  • Etiquette corner

Your child will become a master in the following etiquette. After all, manners matter!

  • Classrooms

Vibrant classrooms pique interest in your child to learn more every day.

  • Reading corner

Make your child inculcate the habit of reading from the beginning by providing a reinforcing environment.

  • Outbreak areas

Student Lounges, Cafeteria, Nature Corner, and Landscaped Hang-out Spots to make your child have a relaxing and peaceful experience in the learning space.

  • Subject labs

A practical approach to learning and the application of assimilated knowledge is critical to make your child well-versed in every undertaking.

  • Innovation labs

Allowing your child to develop perspectives, perceptions, and innovative thinking with
Innovation Labs – AI & Robotics Labs, Digital Learning Hubs, and First-of-its-kind Work Experience Centre.

  • Sports stadia

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We give immense importance to physical activity. We boast a sprawling fitness arena that has multi-court indoor and outdoor sports.

  • Themed studio

We have a Visual arts Studio (Art & Craft), Performing Arts Studio (Dance, Music & Theater), Hobby & Exploration Corners to bring out the hidden talents in your child and help them develop finesse.

  • Multidimensional auditorium

A spacious multi-purpose center for fun learning sessions, enthusiastic celebrations, and enthralling entertainment.

  • Resource and welfare block

A beautifully designed block that has a Reception, Conference Conclave, Medical Room, and Transport Bay.

HEART learning strategy

Our unique strategy is an amalgam of five major learning strategiesHolistic

Online Schooling

In the current unprecedented times, where online learning has become the new normal, we strive to impart the best education to make the students have relentless focus and the burning desire to learn more. At Sparkling Stars School, Online learning has whole new advanced features for the holistic development of our students. It includes:

  • Helen O’ Grady International – Dramatic Sessions.
  • Sports Gurukul- Physical Education Programme.
  • Scholastic Online Reading program.
  • Optimized and personalized learning for all students through LMS.
  • Recreational activities to make their learning enjoyable.
  • Effective visual aids and techniques are adopted to ensure consistent interest levels in students.
  • Stress-free and genuine evaluation techniques.
  • Continuous updates to the parent to keep track of their student’s progress.

Our online classes are formulated to make learning fun rather than an arduous task to get rid of. We take immense care in actualizing our vision of mindful learning and fervently desire to make the learning process a smooth sailing experience!

Sparkling Stars School takes pride in ensuring that your child’s path to a successful career would be lit with beaming neon lights, and you would feel on top of the world to see your child come out with flying colors in every endeavor he takes a plunge.

How important is practical knowledge in the current world?

The world is evolving at a lightning pace, and there is a dire need to change the way we learn things in numerous ways. The conventional style of one-way teacher to students classroom lectures reflects a passive approach to learning and needs to be transformed. For school-going children, it is difficult to concentrate on lectures considering the plummeting attention spans in the current times. It is common for the little lads to ignite their creative minds, and wander in their dreamland! That is why there has been a strong inclination towards experiential learning in recent times.

Education has transformed to become an amalgam of in-depth learning and fun activities. Learning by experience helps improve children’s cognizance, concepts stay in mind for a longer time, and the studying process is more productive.

We often hear the cliché “ Knowledge is divine”. What is Knowledge? Knowledge can be familiarity with something, which can include some facts, information about a particular topic or subject, descriptions of experiments or studies, or skills acquired through experience or education.

Cultural, economic, and societal change creates voids to fill with different approaches to education. One of the main reasons could be increasing international interdependence. It requires restructuring the solely theoretical style to a blend of both theoretical and practical learning.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Let us explore the types of education!

Theoretical Education

  • Theoretical education makes the person say “I know. The learner assimilates information and stores it in the brain to reproduce it in a forthcoming examination.
  • The understanding gained is retained for a limited amount of time, and mostly vanishes in a snap.
  • An approach to theory-based learning emphasizes the need to answer the “Why” question. It makes the learner a verbal expert by letting him or her know the experiences that happened in others’ lives.
  • Theory-based learning is a predefined path in which every learner is intended to move with little or no questions at all.
  • For instance, you know the alpha and beta of the entire mini robot manufacturing process, the way all components work in coordination to set the robot into motion. You can presumably answer any question related to it when anyone poses a question out of the blue.

Practical Education

  • Practical Knowledge gives the person the confidence to say “I can do”. Practical education makes learning a fun and engaging activity. The child would have the penchant to learn novel things every day.
  • The skills acquired mirror the actual intellect that is essential to combat in the real world.
  • The knowledge gained is retained longer and a better understanding of the real world. Your child learns things that are very specific to them.
  • There are no limits and you learn and explore in different directions expanding the horizons of your thinking.
  • For instance, if you get hands-on experience in making a robot, he or she would retain the information learned and know the intricacies involved in the process.
  • The intellect, skills, and knowledge of students over acquiring practical learning are more or less consistent in making it comfortable for them to go anywhere in the world. They can adapt to the new environment, whether at University for higher education or work.

The Takeaway

Every individual needs to possess practical knowledge to lead his life smartly and successfully. Gaining theoretical knowledge is important, but without practical knowledge, it is of no use. Practical knowledge empowers an individual to achieve something that he has been studying. Hence it becomes really important for proper growth and utilization of your knowledge that you have a practical edge too, otherwise, there is no point in having theoretical knowledge also, when you can’t apply it in practice.

Wipe off your preconceived feelings about education, and make your child tread on the path towards glory, success, happiness, and fulfillment in every aspect of life with practical learning.

Best ways to ignite curiosity for learning in your kid

You have countless things spurring in your mind that you want to instill in your child. Parenting is indeed a challenging advent. Kids have a general curiosity about the outside world and ask too many “Why” questions. Don’t put a barricade to your child’s ceaseless questioning. It is a parent’s responsibility to foster inquisitive nature that is immensely beneficial to the learning and development of the child. While children are already naturally curious, parents can take some steps to reinforce and encourage inquisition. Let us explore how you can do it!

  • Encourage your child to play

Is playtime important for your child’s development? Absolutely Yes! Playtime helps to discover a broad spectrum of aspects, imagine a myriad of things, and solve numerous quandaries. Prodding your child to play sparks their ability to become independent thinkers. Playtime helps them to become open to various things, thus giving your child more opportunities to learn.

  • Answer appropriately

Your child might not be able to express the questions fizzing in his mind. You have to step into their shoes and understand what they want to know. The answers you give to their inquisitive questions needn’t be loaded with mind-boggling scientific concepts and tongue-twisting vocabulary. Articulate your answer in a way that your child can understand based on their age. You could explicate with the help of real-life examples, metaphors, and models for your child to understand with cohesion.

  • Prompt them to answer questions

Your little one might not ask you questions. Why not let them think that could give a broader perspective of the world? You could take them for a walk in the park, sit down by the shade of a tree and ask them why a fruit or a leaf only falls on the ground. Let them think and give their answer. Now, you can explain why and what is behind the idea of things falling from a tree.

  • Research and discover along with them

Some questions from your kids might stump you. Don’t just give a random answer that fits into the question asked. Instead, you and your child can sit together and try to figure out the answer. You can take them along with you to places where you can find answers. You can Google for the solutions to the questions that have made you scratch your head. In this way, you are inculcating the habit of research and discovery in the learning process for your child.

  • Let your child do trial and error

Do not force your child to do something in a particular way. It needn’t be the best or the most accurate way of performing the task. But, by having varied approaches, your child is developing different perspectives to see the same problem and learns the bits and pieces of problem-solving strategy.

  • Help children discover interests

Every child is unique. Talk to your child about what he is doing, reading, watching, and learning. It would help you and your child to analyze their inclinations and their hidden passions in the world. Expose your child to different experiences like museums, theatrical performances, zoos, etc. Help him check out books on diverse topics, and it would give a crystal clear picture of his interests and passions.

  • Provide hands-on experience

When students touch, move, and experience, they learn better. If your child is learning about animals, take him to a zoo during the weekend. If he is learning about the national leaders, buy books about the leaders for your little one to go through. Hands-on experiences for your child make learning an adventure.

  • Find your child’s learning style

Children have their unique learning approach or type of learning that is most effective for them. Determine what learning style best suits your children or students and help them learn more effectively. Visual learners process information most effectively when it is presented in writing or images. Auditory learners like to hear information. They are good listeners, follow directions well, and often have verbal strengths and/or musical aptitude. Kinesthetic learners are physical, often excelling at sports or dance. They learn best through movement and touch. They may count on their fingers or use frequent hand gestures.

  • Have discussions but not lectures

When your child demonstrates curiosity by asking a question, give your best to answer it. Have a two-way conversation with your child to make it an engaging discussion, but not verbatim. You can expand the conversation by asking open-ended questions and begin your questions with why how what would happen if

  • The Upshot

Curiosity is the force that creates new ideas. It leads an adult to take risks so that they can ultimately create their own success stories. A curious mind is an active mind, a healthy mind, and an active mind. Curiosity is the highest gear to set your child into learning things expeditiously. Take the steps today to make your child come out with flying colors.

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