How important is practical knowledge in the current world?

The world is evolving at a lightning pace, and there is a dire need to change the way we learn things in numerous ways. The conventional style of one-way teacher to students classroom lectures reflects a passive approach to learning and needs to be transformed. For school-going children, it is difficult to concentrate on lectures considering the plummeting attention spans in the current times. It is common for the little lads to ignite their creative minds, and wander in their dreamland! That is why there has been a strong inclination towards experiential learning in recent times.

Education has transformed to become an amalgam of in-depth learning and fun activities. Learning by experience helps improve children’s cognizance, concepts stay in mind for a longer time, and the studying process is more productive.

We often hear the cliché “ Knowledge is divine”. What is Knowledge? Knowledge can be familiarity with something, which can include some facts, information about a particular topic or subject, descriptions of experiments or studies, or skills acquired through experience or education.  

Cultural, economic, and societal change creates voids to fill with different approaches to education. One of the main reasons could be increasing international interdependence. It requires restructuring the solely theoretical style to a blend of both theoretical and practical learning.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Let us explore the types of education!

Theoretical Education

  • Theoretical education makes the person say “I know. The learner assimilates information and stores it in the brain to reproduce it in a forthcoming examination. 
  • The understanding gained is retained for a limited amount of time, and mostly vanishes in a snap. 
  • An approach to theory-based learning emphasizes the need to answer the “Why” question. It makes the learner a verbal expert by letting him or her know the experiences that happened in others’ lives.
  • Theory-based learning is a predefined path in which every learner is intended to move with little or no questions at all. 
  • For instance, you know the alpha and beta of the entire mini robot manufacturing process, the way all components work in coordination to set the robot into motion. You can presumably answer any question related to it when anyone poses a question out of the blue.

Practical Education

  • Practical Knowledge gives the person the confidence to say “I can do”. Practical education makes learning a fun and engaging activity. The child would have the penchant to learn novel things every day.
  • The skills acquired mirror the actual intellect that is essential to combat in the real world.
  • The knowledge gained is retained longer and a better understanding of the real world. Your child learns things that are very specific to them.
  • There are no limits and you learn and explore in different directions expanding the horizons of your thinking.
  • For instance, if you get hands-on experience in making a robot, he or she would retain the information learned and know the intricacies involved in the process.
  • The intellect, skills, and knowledge of students over acquiring practical learning are more or less consistent in making it comfortable for them to go anywhere in the world. They can adapt to the new environment, whether at University for higher education or work. 

The Takeaway

Every individual needs to possess practical knowledge to lead his life smartly and successfully. Gaining theoretical knowledge is important, but without practical knowledge, it is of no use. Practical knowledge empowers an individual to achieve something that he has been studying. Hence it becomes really important for proper growth and utilization of your knowledge that you have a practical edge too, otherwise, there is no point in having theoretical knowledge also, when you can’t apply it in practice. 

Wipe off your preconceived feelings about education, and make your child tread on the path towards glory, success, happiness, and fulfillment in every aspect of life with practical learning.

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