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Nursery - Grade 3

LKG- Grade 7
( Expansion to Grade 10 )

Explore our galaxy of online learning

At Sparkling Stars School Online learning has a whole new advanced features for a holistic development of our students. It includes:

  • Helen O’ Grady International - Dramatic Sessions.
  • Sports Gurukul- Physical Education Programme.
  • Scholastic Online Reading programme.
  • Optimized and personalized learning for all students through LMS.
  • Recreational activities to make their learning enjoyable.
  • Prompt and transparent communication with parents.
  • Good support for resolving technical issues during online classes.
  • Effective visual aids and techniques adopted to ensure consistent interest levels in students.
  • Stress free and genuine evaluation techniques.

Our online classes are designed in such a way that it makes learning a fun affair. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with mindful learning for your little bundle of joy, in these tough times is our motto.


Happiness Triangle

By focusing on Happiness we make sure you don’t compromise on the greater perspective of learning, we prepare your children for life and not just for marks.


  • Networking with global educators provided.
  • An opportunity for continuous learning made available.
  • Trained in a way to provide student-specific education.
  • Freedom of exercising approaches that are professional yet personal.


  • Program coordination across the school and home resulting in efficient time management.
  • Help in reinforcing behavioural learning.
  • A school-parent partnership enhances academic achievement.
  • Making parents play a key role in personality building.


  • We inculcate a healthy competitive spirit in children.
  • Shifting the learning focus from traditional methods to innovative thinking.
  • Frequent monitoring of learning.
  • Empowering children by making them believe in their skills.

Parent’s Verdict

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Finding the Right Brilliance!

At Sparkling Stars School, you learn that our diversity is REAL and BEAUTIFUL. We encourage parents, students, teachers and administrators to bring fresh perspectives and experiences to find the right brilliance in the students.

How are we different?

Behavioural Learning

Parent-Teacher Partnership Learning

Nurturing Diversity

Cognitive Learning

Multi-cultural Exposure

Sridevi Rao
Chairperson & MD


      The exhilarating journey with the motto ‘Inspiring Greatness’ is set to unleash the potential of each child who comes into our fold. The school is prepared to embrace the calibre of change that the future holds. Children in today’s world are inundated with information of who to be, what to do and how to live. If we as a school and you as a parent are determined to teach them how to manage their priorities, focus on goals and be a positive influence on the world around them, it is certainly possible to craft them into wonderful human beings and competent individuals.

Our dedicated team is equipped with well designed strategies and a leadership approach to bring about incredible changes in our children’s demeanours, attitudes and abilities. Our endeavours to nurture them in a progressive manner in academics, critical thinking and problem solving skills will carve a path to be shining stars in the global arena. It is a privilege to serve the community that has really been kind to us.

New-age Infrastructure Design

3D Theater

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Flexible Learning Spaces

Performing Art Studio

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